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My name is Troy Sparks (from Troy’s Thoughts on Sports). I got the idea to create a new blog by wanting to expand my blogging abilities. From one generic blog name to another, I’ve contrived once again, another sports blog to add to the pages of WordPress.

The premise of “The Sports Writer” is nothing less than an experiment. I do not claim to be a sports writer, nor do claim to be an expert; I’m merely here to write my thoughts and hope someone reads them! I’m wanting to try out a new style of writing. You know how everyone bashes’s Bill Simmons? Well, put yourself in his shoes when he’s writing columns — I want to experience the thrill of senseless rambling, comprised with the lack of research. I’m going to attempt to write in my own style, but giving a Bill Simmons’ twist to it.


Written by Troy

November 23, 2007 at 4:19 am

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